We provide a tracking number for each package. All orders are shipped either domestically within US or from the US (product photos marked with a US flag) or from Singapore/Dubai (product photos without a US flag). If your order contains products both from US and Singapore/Dubai you will only pay for shipping once.

In any case your delivery is guaranteed (subject to terms below).


Please note that we reship/refund in case your package is lost in transit or you have not received your package within 15 days if shipped within US or 35 days if shipped from outside the US. Please note that it is your responsibility to monitor the tracking information.

We do not reship/refund if:

  • You provided a wrong address and the package is sent back.
  • You did not pick up the package at your local post/sorting office in time and the package is sent back.
  • You or someone at your address refused the package for any reason.


We ship to the following countries: United States, Canada and Australia.
For shipping to other countries please visit


Packages are generally dispatched within 3 days after payment receipt.

Shipping within US by USPS Priority Mail:
Free shipping for all orders $250 or more. Otherwise it’s $13 per order.

Shipping from Dubai to USA, Canada and Australia:
$25 flat rate, regardless of order size or value.

Shipping from USA to Canada and Australia:
Canada – $25 flat rate, regardless of order size or value.
Australia – $45 flat rate, regardless of order size or value.

Average Delivery Times
Domestic within US – 5-7 days
From Dubai/Singapore to US – 2-3 weeks
To Canada – 2-3 weeks
To Australia – 2-3 weeks


Orders are shipped in cardboard boxes or padded envelopes.