Noopept, 10 mg, 50 tabs


Noopept® improves the ability to learn and memory recall. It acts on all phases of the cognitive process: initial processing of information, consolidation, extraction and recall. Prevents the development of amnesia, blockade of central cholinergic structures, glutamatergic receptor systems, deprivation of the paradoxical phase of sleep.

The neuroprotective effect of the Noopept is manifested in increasing the resistance of brain tissue to damaging effects (trauma, hypoxia, electroconvulsive or toxic effect) and weakening the degree of damage to brain neurons. The drug reduces the volume of the focus on the thrombotic stroke model and prevents the death of neurons in the culture of the cerebral cortex and cerebellum tissue subjected to the action of neurotoxic concentrations of glutamate and free radical oxygen.

Noopept has an antioxidant effect. An antagonistic effect on the effects of excess calcium is noted. Improves rheological properties of blood, possessing antiaggregant, fibrinolytic, anticoagulant properties. Has vegetative normalizing effect, helps to reduce headaches, orthostatic disorders and tachycardia.

Effect of Noopept start in 5-7 days of treatment. Initially, anxiolytic and mild stimulating effects are realized, manifested in the reduction or disappearance of anxiety, increased irritability and sleep disturbances. After 14-20 days of treatment, the positive effect of the drug on cognitive functions, attention and memory parameters is achieved.

Noopept is administered orally after food.

Single dose of 10mg 2 times a day (morning and afternoon). With insufficient effectiveness of therapy and with tolerability of the Noopept, the dose is increased to 10 mg 3 times a day. Do not take the Noopept later than 18:00 to avoid disturbance of sleep pattern. Course duration is 1.5-3 months. If necessary repeat treatment in 1 month.

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