Nootropil, 1200 mg, 20 tabs


Nootropil® otherwise known as piracetam is a nootropic. Historically the first (synthesized in 1964) and the main representative of it’s group, it remains one of the most important nootropics. Chemically it is a derivative of pyrrolidone and is the progenitor of the racetam family.

Currently a number of piracetam’s immediate analogues and homologues (oxyracetam, etiracetam, etc.) have similar effect, however piracetam continues to be the main nootropic of this group.

It is believed that piracetam has a positive effect on the metabolic processes and blood circulation of the brain and stimulates oxidation-reduction processes, enhances the utilization of glucose, improves regional blood flow in ischemic areas of the brain. It increases the energy potential of the body by accelerating the turnover of ATP, increasing the activity of adenylate cyclase and inhibiting nucleotide phosphatase. Improvement of energy processes under the influence of piracetam leads to an increase in the stability of brain tissue during hypoxia and toxic effects. There are data on the amplification, under the influence of piracetam, of the synthesis of nuclear RNA in the brain.

Piracetam is absorbed and easily penetrates into organs and tissues. Bioavailability is about 95%. The maximum concentration in the blood occurs within 30-60 minutes. Virtually not metabolized in the body, does not bind to blood plasma proteins. Possible selective accumulation of piracetam in the tissues of the cortex of the brain. Half-life is 4.5 hours (7.7 hours – from the brain).

Tablets are taken orally with some water during meals or on an empty stomach.

Maintenance dose for increased concentration: during first week 4800 mg/day, thereafter 1200-2400 mg/day. Take for up to 2 months, then break for at least 2 months.
Consequences of a stroke (chronic stage): 4800 mg/day. Duration according to your doctor’s advise.
Brain injuries: during first week 12000 mg/day, thereafter 2400 mg/day. Take for at least 3-8 weeks.
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome: during first week 12000 mg/day, thereafter 2400 mg/day. Take for at least 3-8 weeks.
Dizziness and related equilibrium disorders: 2400-4800 mg/day. Take for at least 4-6 weeks.