Selank, 3 ml


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Depression and depressed mood interfere with normal work activities. Unfulfilled work further reduces mood and self-esteem, and vital interests are narrowed. Selank can reduce the level of depression, increase interest in life, stimulate performance and optimize the activity of the emotional centers of the brain.

Selank re-launches the recovery reactions in the body, which were reduced or stopped under the influence of stress, because stress factors can not always be eliminated. When it is impossible to rest normally, they resort to means with a short-term effect, for example, alcohol, coffee, but this does not help to cope with stress.

Anxiety is an integral part of our life and it arises as a reaction to the stresses of everyday life. In a healthy person, anxiety is a temporary sensation. Anxiety can promote fear, for example before an exam. Also, a number of people have a gratuitous excitement with a feeling of internal tension. Additionally, restlessness, fussiness, rubbing fingers, biting lips and nails can manifest.

Modern life dictates a rapid rhythm, a large flow of necessary information and a lack of time for decision-making. In cities, overwork symptoms are observed in 80% of the active part of the population: increased fatigue, general weakness, constant fatigue. Selank optimizes higher brain functions, including thinking, memory and attention.

The course of treatment is only 10-20 days.
3 drops in each nostril 2 times a day (morning and afternoon).
Each 3ml vial contains 60 drops. You will need 1-2 vials for the course of treatment.