Semax 0.1%, 3 ml


Semax 0.1% in healthy people effectively helps to improve memory, concentration and mental performance. Especially effective for stress, mental and chronic fatigue. Allows people in old age to purposefully fight for the preservation of brain health to preserve intellectual abilities.

Semax restores processes in the brain that have been discontinued or severely weakened due to illness or external factors. Semax causes a natural synthesis of new regulatory compounds for the body, restoring damaged nerve cells and increasing the connections between them. It is used for primary and progressive disorders of the brain, astheno-neurotic disorders, traumatic brain injuries, anesthesia and neurosurgical operations.

Semax increases attention, perseverance, assimilation of new information, resistance to stress and facilitates the learning process. It allows you to cope with the manifestations of attention deficit disorder, with hyperactivity and with violation of the harmonious development of certain functions of higher nervous activity leading to minimal brain dysfunction in children.

Semax is effective in ophthalmology, since the structure of the tissues of the human eye is identical to the tissues of the brain. It is used for atrophy of the optic nerve and glaucoma.

The course of treatment is only 10-20 days and the improvement of memory lasts up to 3-6 months.
3 drops in each nostril 2 times a day (morning and afternoon).
Each 3ml vial contains 60 drops. You will need 1-2 vials for the course of treatment.