Ampicillin 250-500 mg, 50 tabs


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Ampicillin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that fights and stops the growth of many types of bacteria. This medicine should be taken on an empty stomach. Use it regularly at evenly spaced intervals as per the schedule prescribed by your doctor. Taking it at the same time every day will help you to remember to take it. Do not skip any doses and finish the full course of treatment even if you feel better. Stopping the medicine too early may lead to the infection returning or worsening. The total duration of treatment and precise dosage will be decided by your doctor, depending on the type of infection that you have and how well you respond to the medication.

Bacterial infections related to:
– Throat
– Ear
– Nasal sinuses
– Respiratory tract (e.g., pneumonia)
– Urinary tract
– Skin and soft tissue
– Typhoid fever

Ampicillin is in the aminopenicillin family of antibiotics. It works by preventing bacterial growth. This medicine is indicated for treating bronchitis, pneumonia, infections occurring in the ears, throat and nose, bacterial meningitis, peritonitis and other conditions that have not been listed here. Medical studies have shown it to be effective against gram positive organisms including listeria monocytogenes, staphylococci which do not produce penicillinase, D. penumoniae and various others. Gram negative organisms it acts against include proteus mirabilis, N. meningitides, E. coli and others not listed here. This antibiotic works by inhibiting an enzyme called transpeptidase, which prevents bacterial cell wall production, thereby preventing the bacteria from growing.

Ampicillin comes in 250 or 500 mg capsules for oral administration. If your doctor diagnoses your infection as having being caused by susceptible bacteria, a suitable dosage regimen will be determined, with your individual circumstances being taken into account. Adults undergoing treatment for a bacterial infection may be instructed to administer 250 to 500mg (the exact amount will vary) without food, at 6 hour intervals. The dosage may vary depending on the type of infection. Because this medicine is used to treat gastroenteritis, skin infections, pharyngitis and other types of infection, the dosage will need to be individualised for each patient based on the condition and other factors.

Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children. Store in the original pack below 30°C.

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