Mexidol (Emoxypine) 125 mg, 50 tabs


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Mexidol (Emoxipine, Emoxypin, Epigid) is a membrane protector and inhibitor of free radical processes, which also possesses antihypoxic, stress-protective, nootropic, antiepileptic and anxiolytic effects. Mexidol inhibits lipid peroxidation, increases the activity of superoxide dismutase, increases the ratio of lipid-protein, reduces the viscosity of the membrane, increases its fluidity. Mexidol modulates the activity of membrane-bound enzymes (calcium-independent phosphodiesterase, adenylate cyclase, acetylcholinesterase), receptor complexes (benzodiazepine, GABA, acetylcholine), which enhances their ability to bind to ligands, helps preserve the structural and functional organization of biomembranes, neurotransmitter transport and improve synaptic transmission. Mexidol increases dopamine in the brain. It causes an increase in compensatory activation of aerobic glycolysis and decreases inhibition of oxidative processes in the Krebs cycle under conditions of hypoxia with an increase in the content of ATP and creatine phosphate.


  • Combat Acute Disorders of Cerebral Circulation.
  • Eradicate Discirculatory Encephalopathy.
  • Reduce Vegetative-vascular Dystonia.
  • Improve Cognitive Impairment.
  • Reduce Anxiety.
  • Cure Acute Intoxication.

Mexidol improves the metabolism and blood supply of the brain, improves microcirculation and rheological properties of blood, reduces platelet aggregation. Stabilizes the membrane structures of blood cells (erythrocytes and platelets) during hemolysis. Anti-stress action manifests itself in the normalization of post-stress behavior, restoration of sleep-wake cycles, disrupted learning and memory processes and reduction of dystrophic and morphological changes in various structures of the brain. Mexidol has a pronounced antitoxic effect on withdrawal symptoms. Eliminates neurologic and neurotoxic manifestations of acute alcohol intoxication, restores behavioral disorders, autonomic functions and is also capable of removing cognitive impairments caused by prolonged intake of ethanol and its cancellation.

Dose: 125-250mg 3 times a day. Maximum daily does is 750mg (6 tablets).
Period of therapy is 2-6 weeks.
Period of therapy for alcohol abstinence treatment is 5-7 days. The treatment is discontinued gradually, decreasing the dose during 2-3 days.

Store in dry place at room temperature. Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 degrees Celcius. Keep away from direct sunlight.