Cerebrolysin 2-5 ml, 5-10 ampoules


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Cerebrolysin® contains biologically active neuropeptides. It improves the efficiency of aerobic energy metabolism of the brain, improves intracellular protein synthesis in the developing and aging brain.

Neuroprotective action
Protects neurons from the damaging effect of lactic acidosis, prevents the formation of free radicals, increases the experience and prevents the death of neurons in conditions of hypoxia and ischemia, reduces the damaging neurotoxic effect of excitatory amino acids (glutamate).

Neurotrophic activity
Cerebrolysin® is the only nootropic peptidergic drug with proven neurotrophic activity similar to that of natural neuronal growth factors (NGF), but is manifested in conditions of peripheral administration.

Functional neuromodulation
Has a positive effect in the violation of cognitive functions, improves concentration of attention, memorization processes.

Cerebrolysin is administered by intermuscular injection. Recommended daily dose of 5 ml for 10-20 days according to medical consultation. Course can be repeated in 3-6 months if there was an improvement in the initial course of treatment.

After opening the Cerebrolysin vial the solution should be used immediately. Do not store or reuse an open vial.


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